My Beautiful Trouble

My Beautiful Trouble

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kimber is now wheelchair bound

Kimber had surgery to remove a cancerous anal gland... something went very wrong as she could walk, run, eat, pee, poop, etc prior to the surgery, but now is urinary incontinent, wheelchair bound as she has lost the ability to use her rear legs, can't defacate I suppose due to the nerve damage and has no appetite. The MRI she had after the surgery showed a herniated disk. Kimber is now fighting a terrible urinary tract infection as she pees blood. She is on multiple antibiotics to fight the infection as well as a stool softener. Due to her lack of eating, I am very concerned for her life. Had I known anything like this would have happened after the surgery, I never would have had it done in the first place.... damned if you do.... damned if you don't.... and in this case, it's my beloved Kimber who is being damned for no good reason.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


My precious Kimber has developed anal sac carcinoma. She had surgery on 4/4/13 to remove her right anal gland and tumor. Even though her chest x-rays were good as was her ultrasound, due to the location of the tumor, it was not possible to remove large margins in the surrounding area... which means, there are no doubt, cancer cells. I am trying to avoid chemotherapy and instead am trying to boost her immune system to fight off the cancer cells. She is on many supplements, which are very expensive. She will receive unltrasounds and x-rays every three months to check her lymph nodes and lungs. You can help with her treatments by downloading my songs at We truly appreciate it.