My Beautiful Trouble

My Beautiful Trouble

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It is with extreme pain, sadness, and DISGUST that I announce the passing of my beautiful, innocent, Angel, Fly. Fly had developed osteosarcoma, the same cancer that took my beautiful Trouble's life after developing it from the the non medical grade metal implant that corroded in his body. Fly had the same implant in her.... her implant was corroded just like Trouble's. When Trouble was finally diagnosed correctly after having been misdiagnosed, I believed that chemo would end his life sooner, so I opted for alternative treatments in the hopes of stopping the cancer and enabling him to live a longer, quality life. Sadly, he died four months into his treatments. Because of dealing with this type of cancer and seeing its consequences, I listened to the medical doctors with Fly, who assured me chemo and radiation would give her at least 4-6 months to live, maybe 8 if we were lucky. After spending over $3,000.00 at the facility who made this assurance with my beloved Fly, she had died 35 days into her treatments. I am devastated, disgusted, and heartbroken. The pain with losing my beloved Fly, Trouble, and Jerry Lee within 12 months of each other is immeasurable.

What disgusts me the most, is I told the veterinarians that I believed Fly had osteosarcoma like Trouble.... I recognized the symptoms and she had the same implant Trouble had. (By the way... the specialist told me he quit using those implants when they found out they were associated with osteosarcoma.... not soon enough for Fly or Trouble.) The doctors and specialists kept telling me that Fly did not have cancer... she had arthritis only. Fly had been in pain.... it took a fifth doctor to admit to me that Fly had osteosarcoma.... as he could see the tumor on the original x-ray. Sounds like the others didn't want me to know the truth...what were they afraid of if they had done nothing wrong? I think we know the answer to this. I guess they figured if they kept telling me that Fly had arthritis (knowing I didn't know how to read an x-ray), I'd end up believing them.

Please, I can't stress this enough..... if your dog had a TPLO surgery and a few years later begins to become lame or is lame already, and your doctor tells you that your dog's source of lameness is arthritis, keep searching until you can find a doctor who knows how to read an x-ray properly. YOUR DOG'S LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!!!!

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